End to End Mobile Solutions

The mobile internet is one of the next great frontiers for business. This market is rapidly growing in the number of users and the richness and complexity of the technology choices. At Exalt we are your partner to help you reach this market with solutions that will wow your customers and impress your executives and share holders.

With mobile, understanding the ecosystem and metaphors of the various platforms are key for the success and acceptance of your application. This understanding is not only important at the programming stage, but also during concept development of the solution and mobile apps. Consistency with the mobile platform metaphors and user experience guidelines helps maintain the overall usability of the application. User experience drives innovation to new heights allowing for creative solutions that satisfy the needs of the application and the end user to maximize your business objectives.

Exalt focuses on being the best of breed provider for mobile application development. We partner with your business to augment your development team with key resources to help you deliver rich mobile applications to your existing products or for new, from the ground up, solutions. We bring to the table strong engineering, highly creative UI designers and QA resources that understand how best to match your application requirements with the capabilities of the target mobile platform at all functional levels. This includes understanding the human factors involved, the technology and development environment, the peripheral services including such things as push notification, application store/market approval, in-app advertising and revenue generation models, to SaaS deployment and management among many other services we offer.