Technology that Works

Web and mobile technology are constantly evolving and expanding. At Exalt we strive to be on the cutting edge of the latest technology to help make our customers successful with applications and solutions that maximize their product's value and deliver the best web and mobile applications to the market.

We focus on using the best technology and pushing the boundaries of the smartphone platforms we develop for. This means using every advantage the devices have to offer and not trying to build a one size fits all solution that works generically on all phones and tablets. We do do not try to lock in our customers with middle tier frameworks that will water down the solution, instead, we work to be experts with the native SDKs for all the major platforms from Android, iPhone, BB, Windows and others to deliver the most compelling solutions possible.

We have shown we can deliver better solutions faster and with higher quality using our approach than using other smartphone application frameworks that promise a one size fits all solution. Our meta-frameworks coupled with our highly experienced staff allows us to deliver the best smartphone apps cheaper, faster and better. Don't believe us. Give us a call and see our many demos and talk to our current customers.

We specialize in several areas where we have deep expertise and a passion for delivering unmatched sophistication in architecture and UI design:

  • Smartphone Development - iPhone/iPad/Android/BB/Symbian/Windows
  • Web Development - Flash, Flex, GWT, AJAX and HTML5
  • Web TV (OTT and OTA) and Set-Top-Box UI design and application development
  • J2EE / Spring / .Net
  • SaaS / Hosted - Our staff have extensive expertise in building and running SaaS solutions from the ground up